Still trying to figure out how to get the duvet cover on that duvet…

About Me

Hi! I’m Andrea, a (recently) 30-year-old gal living and working in Toronto, Canada alongside my two dying plants (now recently deceased).

Over the years, I have become the go to person for career advice among my female friends. Most likely, this is due to my blunt and straightforward temperament, but also my drive.

My career journey has not been without its challenges and sacrifices. As someone who is loud, sarcastic, and enjoys pushing the boundaries of the corporate world, working in an office environment has not always been easy.

I often struggle to find the answers to many of my toughest career questions. While searching for answers, I find articles on “what to wear” and “how to talk”, but not real-life, authentic advice. The type of advice you would get from a friend.

So I thought…why not provide real, honest advice myself?