How to Lose a Job in 10 Days

Ok, so maybe not 10… …but what if you REALLY want to leave your job…but don’t have another one lined up? Before you quit, think about losing your job instead. What does this mean? It means being laid off, and no, that is not the same as being fired. Being laid off is often a […]

Is stress contagious? How to survive your next outbreak

After taking off some (much-needed) time from work this summer to relax, I decided to re-enter the workplace…only to be inundated by stress. I thought “What did I do to myself? I had the financial capacity to stay off longer, so why didn’t I?”. This simple question led to a downward spiral where I contemplated […]

Getting Past the Fear of Speaking Up in Meetings

This past week, I was at a group session in which the entire point of the discussion was to express freely every and any opinions….weird, right? The organizers were looking for ideas and feedback on their business idea, and how to move forward in making it a success. After years of working in the corporate […]